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March 2008

Video Trailer Debut Part Duex

It was so much fun creating the trailer for NECURATUL 2: RASPUTIN’S RAGE  that I had to create one for the first book in the series, NECURATUL.  If you’d like to take a peek, you can find it at:

 It’s fun, I’m telling you.  The creation of the videos is a great outlet for another part of the creative mind.  I’m not sure why I didn’t jump on it earlier.  Alas, it took some time.  But now that I’m there, be looking for more…

 Happy Tuesday.


Got Wolf?

So…there’s a ton of discussion going on everywhere about print on demand (POD) and the validity of small press.  It’s funny how controversy stirs when something changes like the publishing industry.  But times are changing and publishing is no exception.  Publishing with two small presses has been not just satisfying, but fun.  I started writing because I enjoyed it.  The writing process, like many creative adventures, can become discouraging and downright depressing.  To survive, you not only have to improve, you have to have very thick skin.  You have to learn that “thanks but no thanks” is just part of the game. All that said, it can also be a rewarding experience.  You get better, you make friends, and you learn to craft a story.

 So what does of any of this have to do with small press?  Small press can be an experience that puts the enjoyment back into writing.  At least it has been for me.  Working with two small companies, I began to remember why I started writing in the first place.  Because it’s fun, because I love to tell a story.  Sure, I’d love see my name on the New York Times bestseller list — really, who wouldn’t.  I still strive to be there.  But I love working with these companies and believe they are a vital part of the new world of publishing.  Small publishing is here and will continue to be here.  POD is here and will, I believe, fill an important role in the future of publishing.  It’s just the way the world changes.

 Now…speaking of small press…Got Wolf?  Take a hop on over to The Wild Rose Press, and take a look at the contest for the Black Rose line.  They are currently accepting contest entries for their Got Wolf contest.  If you like dark, dangerous and furry…you’ll want to enter Got Wolf.

Happy hump day.

Video Trailer Debut

Marketing these days is an interesting animal…but fun too.  Spent the last week working on a book trailer for my newest release from Loose Id,,  Rasputin’s Rage.  Took some work although it was a great creative outlet different from actually writing the book.  For my first time out, I think it came out pretty well.  We’ll see what all my critics have to say!  If you’re interested, take a look at  and let me know what you think.  Now I suspect that I must return to the written page.  There are edits to do on two more upcoming releases from The Wild Rose Press, and the third book in the NECURATUL series to write. 

 Happy Saturday.

Wednesday’s Words

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the air is cool but fresh.  Spring promises, at long last, to push aside the chill of winter.  Nothing makes for more energy than finally emerging from the darkness of a long cold winter.  I walked outside at mid-day and breathed in the fresh air.  It was wonderful and I returned to my office feeling excited for the first time in months.  I feel a burst of energy that will let the words spill onto the page and the book that has languished in a halfway state of completion might finally find it’s way to the end, and it’s to my editor.  Viva Spring! 

And how about you on this fine Wednesday?  What promises does Spring have in store for you?


What a great weekend in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.  A great place, great people, and great information.  E-publishing is a fantastic new world and growing by leaps and bounds.  There’s no better place to stay connected than through EPIC.  You get both the best of the new publishing world and a touch of the old because it seems that most, including yours truly, are published in both electronic format and traditional trade or mass-market paperback.  Can hardly wait until next year in Las Vegas.  I think I’m one of the few that has never been to Las Vegas.  Viva Las Vegas!

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