Ten years ago we adopted a St. Bernard from the local shelter.  She had been dumped in a remote rural area and left to make her own way. She was bone skinny, frightened and in general, a mess.  It tooks plenty of time, attention, and visits to the vet to get Molly to healthy and happy.  She was a fantastic member of our family for a decade.  We lost Molly right before Thanksgiving and it broke our hearts.

Three weeks ago, we adopted another St. Bernard from the local rescue group.  Thankfully, Shaggy was in much better shape than Molly.  She is beautiful, full of energy, and a nice dog.  We’re glad to welcome her into our home.

I can’t help but wonder, however, what people are thinking when they bring these dogs into their lives.  Did they think a St. Bernard was going to stay that little white fluffy puppy?  Hey, these are BIG dogs.  It just makes me angry that people bring them home thinking how cute they are and then when they eat like horses and act like puppies, they can’t handle them and out they go.  At least Shaggy’s former owners had the good sense to turn her over to the rescue folks.  Molly’s did not.  Their loss was our gain.  Yes, both Molly and Shaggy are very large dogs, but I can’t imagine not having them in my life. 

I could ramble all day.  I won’t.  Just hope that people think about these animals before they bring them home.  If you don’t want a big dog, don’t get one.