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May 2008

Tension in your writing



Or – what makes your story sizzle!                                         


So, how many times have a critique partner, an editor or an agent rejected your work because it lacked tension?  Be honest now…because it’s happened to us all.  But what do they mean when they say it lacks tension?  Tension can mean many things from a weak plot to boring characters to an overused storyline.  For me, ratcheting up tension means one thing—action.  I mean think about it…when you’re reading a story, at what point  does your mind begin to drift away from what you’re reading?  It’s when the action starts to lull isn’t it?  You know I’m right.  You begin to skim waiting for the action to pick up.  When things start to happen, you are pulled back into the story.  The moral of this story?  Keep the tension in your writing high by making certain that something happens on every single page.  Start by reading every page and making sure there’s action on each one.  It really is a simple exercise  that will make a tremendous impact on your writing.  I promise.                                                                                 


It’s here!

Yes it is…my short fantasy story, Dragon’s Fireis here and available from The Wild Rose Press.  If you’d like to take a peek at the trailer, you can find it here:

 I’ll also be holding a drawing for a free download of Dragon’s Fire and all you have to do to enter is stop by my website at for the details.  It’s easy, I promise!

Have a great day!

Is it just me?

Seems like everything is just a step off lately.  Projects go awry, people are pissy, and everyday tasks become major ordeals.  I thought at first a full moon was either here or on its way.  Nope.  Not even close.  Is there a planet in retrograde?  Nope.  Not even close.  Me wonders what’s with my little corner of the world right now?


Our friend is in the hospital today and he won’t be coming home.  I can’t describe the sadness I feel or the resentment for change we cannot stop.  The day is bright and sunny yet a cloud hovers over a great many hearts today.    Perhap that’s why I’ve been so intriqued with vampire lore for as long as I can remember.  Death never comes knocking and for today, I wish that were true.  Alas, it is not and for our friend, we must let him go and instead, hold tight to the great memories he made for so many of us.  We will remember his unique character, his fearlessness and all times he made us laugh.  May he go in peace and know that he will never be forgotten. 

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