Isn’t it?  Or, is it just me.  It seems like Falco and I just did the Parade of Paws and yet it’s now over a month later.  I am woefully behind on my posts.  The time just slipped by.  Of course, the summer seems to be doing much the same.  Soon, it will be time to bring out coats.  Argh…not a pleasant thought.  It took forever for good weather to show up and now it’s slipping away. 

Remember when you were a kid and time was so slow?  Now it seems to rocket past.  What’s up with that anyway?  I go on record as saying, “I don’t like it.”  Then again, I don’t have much choice.  Time passes, we all get a little older (and wiser of course) and we go on.  The alternative doesn’t much appeal to me. 

So, I’ll whine a little bit and then get my behind outside to enjoy the sunshine before it disappears behind rain clouds, snow storms and other such wonders of a four-season part of the country.

Wishing you summer sunshine, sweet lemonades and cold beers…