So…when you’ve earned a Master’s Degree in 19th century Gothic literature it seems a no-brainer that at some point a book with a vampire must be done.  And now–it is.  NECURATUL 3: BLOOD SECRETS is the third book in the series and is available today.  Follow Anima Mundi hunters, Cat Lohr and Dambray Gardner as they follow the trail of the one, the only Vlad Dracula.  There’s danger, passion and, of course, love.  Stop by and take a peek. 

By Sheri Lewis Wohl
Available at
Rated: R

Genre: Multicultural Dark Paranormal Vampire Thriller 

Psychic and hunter, Cat Lohr, really wants to spend a few days in bed with her lover, shape-shifter and fellow hunter, Adam Bell. When Adam goes missing, Cat’s lusty plans go awry. With the help of Vodun houngan, Dambray Gardner, they follow Adam’s trail from Cutler, Maine, to Romania where Vlad Dracula has returned.

The Prince of Darkness is ready, willing and able to reclaim his birthright. But, Dracula does not return alone. Soon, he is joined by distant cousin, Elizabeth Bathory, and her captive, Cat’s lover, Adam. With Adam as the lure, Dracula plots to end the reign of the ancient evil fighting order. Yet, when he glimpses Cat’s face, his passion is aroused. In her, he sees the face of his longlost wife.

Time is the hunters’ enemy. Love, their weapon and curse. Will Cat be in time to save Adam from darkness, or will Dracula claim Cat as his own, and rule his homeland once again?