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October 2008

Happy Haunted Halloween

It all started with the House on Haunted Hill.  Oh, I’m not talking about the remake with the fantastic rendition of “Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson.  No, I’m talking about the original that I watched with morbid fascination when I was but a young child.  Scared the crap out of me and I proceeded to drag the entire family into my nightmare.  It’s been that way ever since. 


Halloween is one of my favorite days.  Partially because I love all things that go bump in the night and partially because of the incredible folk legends that rise up around the day.  I mean really, how is interesting is the concept of the veil between this world and next disappearing?  That’s one of the legends and I like it. 


I also like the idea of the fantasy Halloween represents.  For one day, imaginations soar and fantasy rules.  We must live in this world day to day and handle the obstacles and challenges put before us.  On October 31st each year, reality is suspended for just a bit and creativity soars.  For a writer and artist, it is a day of dreams.  Sure, I still have a particular fondness for the macabre, but hey…it’s just my personal form of imaginative creativity.  Or, so I tell my family.  In short, enjoy the day.  Revel in imagination and Happy Halloween.


Now, remember to stop by the blogs of my fellow Haunted Bloggers.  There are scavenger hunts, prizes and all sorts of fun stuff.  Speaking of prizes…leave a comment and I’ll draw one name from those who do for a nice spooky gift. 


The Haunted Blog Tour







Let the games begin

So tomorrow starts the fun over at Dayana Knight’s blog,  Come on by and join in the fun.  Yours truly is tomorrow’s guest and I will be giving away a little gift.   Dayana has special guests all month long to celebrate the favorite month of those of us who both read and write in the paranormal genres.  Loads of fun, lots of prizes and an all around good time.

Hey, be sure to mark your calendar for the big Halloween Ball over at The Wild Rose Press.  Yup for 24 hours starting at midnight and going until midnight EST, the editors and writers of The Wild Rose Press will be dressing up and playing Halloween games in the public chat room. Don’t be left out.  Everyone’s welcome and there will be prizes.  Should be tons of fun.  I’m still deciding what costume to wear.

Now remember, come on by Dayana’s blog  tomorrow and leave me a comment.  You never know what you might win.

Books galore

So here I am at the Emerald City Writers Conference and it couldn’t be a more beautiful day.  Coming across Snoqualmie Pass with the sun shining and the sky clear — it just doesn’t get any better.  So now, I have to gear up for my workshop, EVIL 101!  Oh yeah…one of my favorite subjects. 

Now, if you’re in the Seattle/Bellevue area, come on by The Bellevue Hilton on Saturday from 4-6 pm and join in the fun at the bookfair.  There will be many authors signing their books from the New York Times Bestsellers to little old me…

Happy weekend

P.S.  Oh…and in case you’re interested…it’s paranormal month over at The Wild Rose Press  Lots of fun stuff happening all month with a discount on all the paranormal titles (including mine).

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