Okay…I don’t care what anyone says–madness prevails when the moon is full.  The phone calls I get are strange, people are strange and don’t even get me started on the animals.  My dogs get twitchy009 as can be the minute the moon hits a 100 watts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a full moon.  It’s eerily beautiful when the moon hangs full and golden over the meadows near by my home.  As I drive home from the office,  the moonlight fills the meadow with warm light while deer graze and the trees bend in the wind.   It looks magical and makes me smile every time I drive by. 

Then again…there’s the madness.  Things just seem to do a little shift to the left.  It does, however, keep life interesting.  Sure it’s crazy.  Sure people can drive you nuts.  Still, it makes the world a little more interesting.  So madness aside, here’s to the full moon…moonlight, magic and madness.