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January 2009

Sneaky friends

2009 is starting out with 033a couple of sneaky friends taking a drive across the stateline over to Idaho to tie the proverbial knot! Oh yeah, you know who you are and you’re busted. Just because Steve and I did the same thing a few years ago (gasp…could it possibly be 18 years!), is not an excuse to sneak over and not tell us. Then again, it was pretty fun to just do it and let everyone guess.


No new sister but how about a new cat?

So we’re 12 days into 2009 and I’m no closer to finding my lost sisters.  Actually, that doesn’t sound right.  I suspect they’re not really lost at all.  I bet they know exactly where they are.  It might be better to say I’ve been unable to locate my heretofore unknown sisters.  I still don’t know their names or where they are but the year is young and I hope to find them before Christmas rolls around again.

In the meantime…our little stray kitty who became such a big part of our family died from cancer in October.  We were heartbroken.  For a couple of really dedicated dog people, we became very attached to B.C.  I waited a few months and couldn’t stand it, a new kitty had to join the family.  Enter one pretty little calico now named Halle.  Scheduled to be put down, we arrived in time and now she’s sitting right next to me as I type (in fact she keeps trying to walk across the keyboard).  Now, she’s a bit skittish around the dogs — go figure — little kitty, two huge dogs.  Still, all things considered, she’s doing well and soon, I hope Halle, Shaggy and Falco will be doing fine together.

A new kitty is great although fear not, the search for the sisters continues…

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