0022It’s the April Blog event that began on April 1st over at Silver James’ and now it’s my day to keep the love rolling.   How about mysterious love?  I was in our nation’s capitol this week and as I sat at Union Station sipping my latte (I am from the Pacific Northwest after all…) I took this picture.  The statues that surround the main entrance so intrique me.  It’s a bit like stepping back-waaay back–to the days of knights and damsels, of honor and valor, light and dark.   It’s the ultimate romance.  You sit in that awesome building with the sights and sounds of one of the most magical cities in our country and you almost believe that at any moment your hero will step through the doors.  Your knight will kneel before you, take your hand in his and promise you love for eternity.  With a sigh and a smile, you open your eyes, come back to reality and stand.  Sure, it’s all in your imagination but that’s what fantasy is all about.  For me, I took one last look around the building, letting my gaze linger on the knights before I turned and left.  It was time for a taxi to take me to the airport.  I know that even as I now sit several thousand miles away, the knights still wait and the next time I step through the doors of Union Station they will still wait for me, romance and fantasy mine for the taking.

0062And now my friends, it’s time for a little romance of your own.  I only ask one thing.  Leave me a comment and tell me what fills your heart with fantasy and romance.  Is there a Union Station filled with knights to fuel your heart?  At the end of the day, I’ll do a random drawing and the winner will receive a nice little heart candle holder and votive candles to help fill your world with romance.  At the end of the April madness event, I will send the winner of the grand prize an electronic copy of one of my books.  Take a look at my website at www.sherilewiswohl.com to see what you might win.

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