So, I get an alert this morning and when I check it out, I’m surprised to see it is a review of my little short, DRAGON’S FIRE.  This is a tiny fantasy story that came out last year.  The review was posted on the eharlequin site which pleases me a great deal even though the reviewer took issue with the length because it didn’t allow for enough development.  I’m pretty much okay with her comments and am pleased to find this story on the eharlequin site.  Take a peek if you’re interested:

Someone told me a long time ago, when I got my first crappy review, that crappy isn’t all bad.  What’s bad is when no one is talking about your work at all.  If you can get someone to read your work and take the time to talk about it, good, bad or otherwise, you’re doing something right.  That made me stop and think.  It also made feel much better about the person who didn’t care for my work.  At least they took the time to say something.  So to find someone talking about DRAGON’S FIRE a year after it’s release, even if she did have problems with it, makes my day.  Thanks eharlequin!

If anyone has thoughts on how you feel about reviews, tell me what you think.  Happy hump day.