SalemsFire_wrp59_300It’s interesting to me how rumors get started.  The lastest to catch in the wind is that one of my publishers, The Wild Rose Press, is closing by the end of the year.  NOT! 

So where did the person who started the rumor get his or her intel?  Obviously not from the company.  The Wild Rose Press is doing quite well.  Sure changes have been made now and again, but any good company will change and adapt to market conditions, consumer demand, and good business management.  It’s the kind of thing I personally like to see as it means they are aware and adaptive to the real world.  I like that about The Wild Rose Press.

Am I happy with The Wild Rose Press.  Oh yeah.  It’s a small company who really does care about not just their products, their reputation, and their company, but also their authors.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet the owners in the flesh and felt an immediate friendship with them.  That’s only one of the reasons why I’m still here three years later.

So to those who feel the need to spread unsubstantiated rumors, shame on you.  Get the facts folks before you put your fingers to the keyboard.