I spent four days in an intensive writing workshop this month and boy did I get a workout.  It’s a bit like living to your income.  No matter how much money you make, somehow you seem to adjust to that level of income.  Writing for me is the same.  No matter how much I improve, I adjust and then find that there’s a whole lot more I can learn.  It’s been a pretty good year and I’ve had some awesome input by some big New York houses.  Still, when I sit in the workshops and do the hands-on work, voila, I find new and better ways to write.  It makes me wonder if that’s how the big names feel.  Does Stephen King still feel like he can improve?  Does Nora Roberts still wonder if she’s mastered the craft?  Does James Patterson still look to find ways to increase tension?  So far, I haven’t gotten to the place where I say, “yeah, that’s it.  I can’t make it any better.”  On the contrary, it seems like there’s always room to improve. 

Happy Thanksgiving all of you in the U.S.