It’s so very easy when you write to drift away from exercise.  Not so bad when you’re younger, everything comes so much easier. You can get right back into the exercise routine and barely pull a muscle.  Alas, later on…not so much.  So in deciding I’m finally going to cross one more thing off my “bucket list”, I plan to do my first triathlon this year.  I need to walk away from my computer more often and get back out on the road both running and biking.  All I need to do is toss in a bit of swimming and I’m there, right??  Yeah, not quite so easy, I know.  But, at least I’m trying.  So far, I’m up to over four miles on the bike, walking and a little running, and a whole regimen of stretches, etc.  Later this month I start the swimming. Even the scales are starting a downward departure–YAY.   It’s not easy and it’s such sweet sorrow to have to walk away from the computer, but you know what?  I feel so much better.  I can hardly wait for May and the triathlon.  I’ll be sure to post pictures.   Happy and Healthy 2010.