Yup, we’re having a party over at Lena Matthews yahoo group.  It’s all month long and there’s a book a day being given away.  Lena always throws the best parties so you want to be sure and stop by.  My day is tomorrow, February 10, 2010.  I’m highlighting Bridge of Souls, my paranormal romance that came out in October.  Answer a simple question and you’re in the drawing for your pick of any of my books.  Stop by, it’ll be fun.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lenamatthews/

Speaking of parties, I’ll be going to my first for Team Blaze, the local triathlon group.  They assure me there is plenty of room for folks like me…you know, out of shape, overweight and dare I say it…old!  Perhaps not geriatric yet but not quite the youngster I was either.  So, I joined and am now a member of  Team Blaze.  It actually feels good to get back out there and hit the road. I’ve spent way too much time in the last few years looking at a computer screen.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling it everywhere.  My legs, my back, my shoulders.  But so far the knee is holding up (a little crash and burn on a motorcycle about ten years ago messed it up) and I’ve made it through the swimming without needing a rescue yet.  And, I’ve still got over 3-1/2 months before my first triathlon.  I’m feeling more confident every day.   

So far so good for 2010!