I’ve been working a lot lately on getting back into shape.  Too much time spent reading and writing.  Not enough time spent on keeping fit.  I’ve been running, biking, and swimming.  That first triathlon on May 31 will be here before I know it.  I came across a site about Moms in Motion and it made me think about those of us who are not only moms (and dads) but serious writers and readers.  We tend to huddle up with our books and computers but it doesn’t mean we aren’t open to being athletes as well.  Oh, don’t get me wrong…I never was and never will be a serious contender in any sport.  Just not made that way.  That’s not to say, I want to be a lump either.  I found out I could run…not fast but with endurance.  I learned I could bike and even completed a century ride still feeling great.  A hundred miles on a bike in a single day?  Yeah, I did it.  And then I sort of drifted away.  Book contracts came in.  The day job got more intense.  I still wanted to read.  Something had to go and it turned out to be the running and the biking.  Until the day the doctor started using words like heart attack.  Funny though, once I put my mind to it, things fell into place.  I cut back a little on the reading and the writing and found plenty of time to run, bike and swim.  I joined a triathlon club (go Team Blaze Spokane).  I feel great.  Oh sure, I’m experiencing a fair amount of aches and pains but that’s to be expected after so long away.  I guess the point is that being a reader and a writer isn’t mutually exclusive to being an athlete.   There’s room for it all.  I want to be a writer in motion–how about you?