So, I’m coming home from San Diego yesterday and had one of those moments that made me smile.  I’ve carried an e-reader for almost five years and for a long time it was lonely. 

I rarely saw someone else with one.  On the plane yesterday, I’m in a row with six people, one of whom was less than a year old.  The really awesome thing–four of the five adults in my row were reading with e-readers!  Not only that, but I saw people with e-readers all over the airports both coming and going.  It makes me smile.  Not just because I write novels and all of my books are available in electronic format but also because I’ve been a really big fan of e-books since the beginning.  One my last plane home, I overheard a woman several rows behind me telling a gentleman how much she loves her Kindle because of the ease of carrying multiple books when she travels–the same thing I’ve been telling people all along.  If you haven’t taken a look at an e-reader, take a minute to do it.  You might be surprised how cool they really are.  Happy weekend everyone.