Where I live we have a wonderful path that runs along the Spokane River from north of the city at Nine Mile Falls to the Idaho border.  It’s called the Centennial Trail and it’s a fabulous thing for those who walk, run or bike, and want to enjoy the beauty of this part of the world.  So, in my quest to be more active and prepare myself for the upcoming Spring triathlon, I decided to ride my bike home from work on the Centennial Trail.  A mere 12 miles or so.  Well, I’d never ridden this particular part of the trail before so it was an adventure.  First there was the part about making the trip a mile or two longer than it needed to be.  I started in the wrong place and backtracked.  Oops.  Then there were the hills.  Oh, my biking buddies told me there was some “up and down” along the way.  What they neglected to tell me was how far UP the up was!  There was a “hell no”  or two as I stopped dead at the bottom of a couple of  hills.  All in all, it was a good ride and now that I’ve had a day to recover…I’m honestly looking forward to doing it again.  My plan is to make the trip 1-2 times a week between now and the end of the biking season.  This writer is liking being back in motion.