I started the journey six months ago grumbling but knowing the doc was right.  It was way past time to get back to physical activity.  I’d let that part of my life slip away as I focused on work and writing.  I took his advice (after all, a heart attack didn’t seem very appealing) and began the triathlon training.  Strange–what used to be so easy suddenly required a lot more effort and a hell of a lot more pain.  There were days it was discouraging but more days when I remembered what I’d loved about biking and running.  The swimming was a new part of my routine and one I began to look forward to.  Sure, getting up at 4:30 am three days a week sucks, but once I get in the pool, it’s all good.  In fact, it’s great.  Swimming is not only fun, but I’ve made a bunch of new friends.  Yes–there are others who make the journey every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

After six months of working on my new routine, it was time to find out if all my hard work paid off.  I headed to the doctor’s office and waited with baited breath for the results…a big gold star!  Not only did I lose weight (yes, there’s still quite a few pounds to go but I’m headed in the right direction), but my cholesterol dropped by 20 points!  Goodbye heart attack territory.  Doc was very pleased and I was quite relieved.  The moral of the story?  This writer will stay in motion.  I feel good, I’m having fun and a balanced writer, is a much better writer — don’t you think?