Life can change in an instant and you can’t ever go back.  So, sometimes, you need to just stop and smell the roses–literally.  Starting in January,I made a promise to slow down and let myself heal both physically and spiritually.  The physical part has gone incredibly well.  I’ve never felt better and have had a fantastic time.  The triathlon club I joined is a delightful group of people who have nurtured me along to a place I never thought I could be.

The spiritual side, however, took a serious hit when my brother died.  It was so sudden.  So final.  It left me terribly unsettled.  The loss made me stop once again and think about my own life and what was really important.  The next book contract?  The next promotion at the office?  Going back to school again for that Phd I always wanted?  Or how about letting myself get so physically out of shape I was courting a heart attack?  Everyone has those moments in life when things change.  My brother’s death was just one of those moments that stopped in my tracks.  It’s taken some time, but my spirit has finally begun to heal and now I’m looking at life a little differently.  Yes, I’m still looking forward for challenges and yes, I’m still writing those books but these days, I’m also counting my blessings and taking the time to stop and smell the roses.