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October 2010

In the strangest places

It’s funny what can lift your spirits.  I had a great trip to Dallas but it was a long week.  Talking in front of rooms full of people for hours makes for some long days.  The people were great, the workshops went well, and I enjoyed Dallas even if I did bring home a touch of a cold.  Still, after being “on” all week, working on edits each night, and then having a long, late trip home, weariness took hold.  Throw in a Saturday night Halloween party and come 6:30 Sunday morning, I’m dragging big time.  Add to that the rain and driving across town to a 5k run wasn’t looking so appealing.  Nonetheless, I dragged my body out of bed, threw on my nifty Halloween running gear and away I went…rain and all.  It didn’t take long once I arrived to feel the infection setting in.  Cheerfulness, whimsy, and camaraderie showed up at Manito Park in abundance.  The rain tried to dampen spirits and it failed miserably.  The rain finally gave up in the face of such overpowering positive energy and by the time I left Manito Park I felt fantastic.   Encouragement, positivity, and fun can, indeed, be found in the strangest places.  Happy Halloween.


Souls of Sorrow

YAY — my latest paranormal release is now available.  Officially, Souls of Sorrow releases on October 29th but it’s now available in both print and ebook at  Since October tends to be my favorite month and Halloween my favorite “holiday”, it’s awesome that it was scheduled for an October release.  Lots of fun.   I’ve also got several blog appearances coming up to spread the word and just to have some Halloween fun.  I’ll be sure to post the info as the dates get closer.

In Seattle yesterday we went with our youngest daughter, Chrissy, to the Teen Feed appreciation luncheon.  Teen Feed is an organization that works to both feed and mentor homeless and at-risk teenagers.  About a year ago, Chrissy told me of her work with the Seattle youth. To say I was impressed then by her commitement was an understatement.  That she continues to give freely of her time is even more impressive.  She is a kind, compassionate, and inspiring young woman.  Yesterday at the luncheon, a brave firefighter/EMT stood before the room of volunteers and their families, and shared her story.  She spoke of being abandoned as a young child, of going into the system, of living on the Seattle streets.  As she spoke, the room stilled until the drop of a single pin could have been heard by all.  She spoke of finding not just nourishment at the Teen Feed  tables, but of embracing the hope and acceptance given as freely as the food.  She told of those like Chrissy who unselfishly give of their time and their hearts, and of how they make a difference whether they see it or not.  It was a moving story that reminded each person in that room that every kindness regardless of how small or inconsequential it might seem at the time matters.

Swimming, swimming, swimming

When this adventure back into physical fitness began some nine plus months ago, it never entered my mind that I’d be donning a wetsuit and swimming in October.  Now to those of you who live in warm climates, that might not seem like such a big deal.  But, here in the Northwest–it’s a huge deal.  Let’s just say it can get a bit cool here come September and October.  There have been many Halloweens with snow on the ground.  So the first Saturday in October, there I was in my wetsuit and neoprene cap swimming along in Lake Coeur d’Alene with two other die-hards.  And you know what??  It was fun.  Who would have guessed! 

The moral of the story:  you never really know what you’re capable of until you put your toes in the water…

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