It’s funny what can lift your spirits.  I had a great trip to Dallas but it was a long week.  Talking in front of rooms full of people for hours makes for some long days.  The people were great, the workshops went well, and I enjoyed Dallas even if I did bring home a touch of a cold.  Still, after being “on” all week, working on edits each night, and then having a long, late trip home, weariness took hold.  Throw in a Saturday night Halloween party and come 6:30 Sunday morning, I’m dragging big time.  Add to that the rain and driving across town to a 5k run wasn’t looking so appealing.  Nonetheless, I dragged my body out of bed, threw on my nifty Halloween running gear and away I went…rain and all.  It didn’t take long once I arrived to feel the infection setting in.  Cheerfulness, whimsy, and camaraderie showed up at Manito Park in abundance.  The rain tried to dampen spirits and it failed miserably.  The rain finally gave up in the face of such overpowering positive energy and by the time I left Manito Park I felt fantastic.   Encouragement, positivity, and fun can, indeed, be found in the strangest places.  Happy Halloween.