Sheri Lewis Wohl

Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts, Oh My!


November 2010

The vampires are coming…

Oh yeah, the vampires are coming!  I got the cover for my newest book today and I personally LOVE it.  I mean–how evil does she look?  Just like I pictured her in my mind as a I wrote the book.  Coming in April 2011 from Bold Stroke Books Crimson Vengeance is a vampire story that opens in Moses Lake and then moves to Spokane.  Fun stuff.  Now, I’m finishing up the final edits and then it’s back to work on the follow-up story.  Can never have too many vampires, especially powerful female vampires who kick ass and take names….


It makes the world a better place

Friendship is a wonderful thing and sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in life that we don’t pay as much attention to our friends as we should.  Families are great and having family around is always wonderful.  But, friends are just as special.  Unlike our family, who have to like us simply because we’re family, our friends chose us.  They are there to have fun with us, they are there to cry with us, they are there to encourage us.  They give freely of their friendship and their hearts, and our lives are richer because of it.  Here’s to friends!

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