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January 2011

Expression comes in many forms

And this year it’s more than the writing or the triathlons. I was able to join a group of wonderful textile artists and have a small art quilt included in the Autism Speaks exhibit. It was an opportunity to support a wonderful cause and at the same create a piece of textile art. I miss the tactile satisfaction that hand quilting provides but the arthritis in my hands simply doesn’t take well to the fine work required of hand piecing and quilting.  I can run, bike, swim, or type and I’m fine, but put a needle in my hand and my joints scream for a week. So, it was really nice to have a chance to be part of this fine exhibit and support awareness and understanding of autism. When you have a minute, take a peek.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011. May you be healthy, happy, and very creative.


A New Year

Goals are good and I like starting out the new year with goals firmly in mind. Last year, it was to get back into shape and get my health back in line. Goal was pretty much accomplished although I learned a lot of things along the way.

1–that it’s much harder to get back into shape when you’re no longer a kid! When I was in my twenties and thirties, running and biking came so easy. Not so easy now. I worked hard all year and while I’ve made significant ground, I’m still a long way from my ultimate goal.

2–that the weight doesn’t come off as easy any more. Twenty years ago if I’d done everything I have this last year, I’d be a toothpick! Suffice it to say, I’m not. I’m toned, I’ve lost some weight, and I’m healthy, but I’m far from a stick.

3–I am prone to panic attacks in open water! Now let me tell you, that was a shocker. Never experienced a panic attack until my first triathlon this last year. Toss me out in that open water and there’s a better than average chance I’ll be swimming along just fine and then bam…panic attack. With the help of team members in my triathlon club, I learned how to work through the panic but it sucks to even have to deal with it. I mean, seriously, it’s not like I can’t swim! Goal for 2011…NO PANIC ATTACKS.

4–It’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone. Joining the triathlon club was one of the best things I’ve done in a really long time. It was also one of the scariest. Not only was I waaaay out of shape, but I’m not particularly social. I had to force myself to show up to club functions. I had to put myself out there and not worry about how silly I was going to look being so far out of shape and overweight. Funniest thing…no one cared how out of shape or overweight I was. The group welcomed me, mentored me, encouraged me. In short, I had a fantastic time and met some incredible people. Without the group, I don’t think I’d have stayed the course.

So, taking in the lessons of the last year, I’m looking forward to 2011. So far, I’m signed up for a half-marathon and a triathlon. I look forward to my workouts, I look forward to the challenges. As my body gets healthier, it does wonder for my energy and creativity. With a new vampire novel coming out in April, I’m also busy writing the follow-up.  Yeah, 2011 is looking bright.

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