Coming up on Sunday is the Leashes and Laces 5K run in Post Falls, Idaho. I’m participating along with my German Shepherd, Falco. He’s a true delight to go places with and a lovely dog. When he joined our household at eleven weeks old I wasn’t so sure about him. Falco was definitely the doggy version of ADHD. Despite going to dog training, he pushed all my buttons and was a handful to put it mildly. More than once I wanted to throw in the towel. Despite his normal mode of operation at about a hundred miles an hour, he was and is a gentle soul with a most congenial nature. Falco is a big dog, weighing in at a good hundred plus pounds. He’s primarily black with big black eyes. He looks tough. He’s not. Without reservation I can say he is the best-natured dog I’ve ever had. Never once in eight years have I seen him get upset about anything. He loves people, he loves other dogs, he’s in love with our little rescued cat. He’s a true gentleman who, when he looks intently into your eyes, seems to be speaking to your heart.

Someone once asked me how I could keep sharing my home with animals when their lives are so short and their passing so painful. I responded, how could I not? Yes their lives are relatively short but the joy they bring in the time we have together is invaluable. Sunday, Falco and I will participate in a worthy fund-raiser for the K9 unit in Post Falls. Our being there benefits a very worthy organization but even more important to me is spending time with a dog who makes my life richer and happier simply with his presence.