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April 2011

And it’s here!

It’s official, Crimson Vengeance, was released on Monday, April 18th. I had such a great time writing the book and partly because it is unusual. I know, I know, vampires are everywhere these days but it’s more than just a vampire story. It’s also a romance. I know, I know, romances are everywhere. But, it’s more than just a traditional romance.

In this book, the main character is a five hundred year old lesbian vampire and one romance in the book is hers. There’s a second romance, a little more traditional, except he’s a vampire hunter and she’s a coroner. It was just a great story to weave and though it’s a bit different, I think you’ll like it. I hope so because I liked writing it.

Now, the work continues as the book number two is in the works with three and four to follow. Yes, the story of Riah Preston, five hundred year old lesbian vampire, will continue. I hope you come along for the journey.



I wasn’t born in Washington State but came here as a preschooler. It’s home and always will be. When you’ve lived somewhere a very long time, it’s easy to miss what’s special about it and I’m no exception. I work across the street from the Spokane Falls and yet rarely look at them. In those few moments when I do, I’m always stunned by their beauty. I tell myself I’ll pay more attention, which, of course, I don’t.  It makes me feel sad that I often don’t appreciate the beauty of where I live.

And then, I read a review on one of my books or I get an email or a Facebook post that remarks how the descriptions of the area are so clear. It never fails to make me smile.  I think to myself that perhaps I do see and appreciate more than I realize.

I always thought I’d move away from NE Washington and never did. I love visiting cities like New York, Houston, San Diego, Vancouver. Each time I go to places like that I think how wonderful it would be to live there. Then I come home and suddenly, I don’t want to live anywhere else. I drive to my office and watch a bald eagle soar along the shore of the river. I stop and let a young moose cross the road. I run at lunch through a park in the heart of the city that is lush with trees, grass, and beauty.  I ride my bike through a massive state park surrounded by forests, mountains, and lakes.

I may not have started my life here but my roots run deep. I think I’ll stay.

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