I would venture to say that every writer is routinely asked, “where do you get your ideas?” Hard question to answer because for me they come from EVERYWHERE! Take this morning for example. Sunday mornings @ 6:30 is run time for a group from my triathlon club. It’s a great group and we have an awesome time. This morning it was colder than a witch’s…well, you know where I’m going with this…and to top off the cold, I’d left my mp3 player in my office. Cold run, no tunes, what to do? Plot my short story for an upcoming anthology that’s what!! For the better part of five miles it was a fantasyland of shapeshifters and witches (the good guys) and the ever frightening skin walker (the bad guy). It’s amazing how fast five miles can go when you’re deep inside your head. My story plot was complete by the time I made it back to Starbucks. I may just have to forget my tunes more often.