Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a phrase we’ve heard forever. The truth of it can’t be denied. Beauty really is different for each of us and that’s part of what makes the world so wonderful. The same is true of imagination. What seems normal and run of the mill to most people is something completely different for me. Case in point, fog. Not long ago, standing in my office many floors above the street, I gaze out the window and watch as the weather changes. Suddenly, my imagination takes flight! To everyone around me it simply looks as though a fog bank is rolling in. Not to me. My mind goes somewhere else entirely. I’m thinking…what if it’s not fog? What if vampires are invading my city. I race back to my desk, grab my camera and snap a picture out the window. To capture the world that sent my imagination spinning.

The eye of the beholder. You might see fog…or maybe you see vampires too…