009I can’t help it, everytime I see a full moon, I smile! Then I look around and try to see if I can spot a werewolf. Oh yeah, it’s true. Just like when I was a kid and was certain vampires were in the shadows. Full moons always make think of werewolves and then I have to look.

* Like in the meadow a few miles from my home. A full moon lights up that meadow, bathing it in warm light. I’m sure one day I’ll see a werewolf racing through the tall grass though so far…all I’ve spotted are deer and turkeys!

* Like on the ridge above the river. Moonlight showers down on the ridge and I search knowing that if I look long enough, a werewolf will stand tall against the night sky. So far, all I’ve seen is well–nothing. Not even a turkey.

* Like at the river’s edge. Surely a werewolf will follow the moon’s light to the river’s edge where it can drink before racing away again. So far, all I’ve see are deer, moose, and procupines.

Where oh where are the werewolves? Far from the city’s lights where trees are everywhere, the river runs wide and clear, and the hunting is good, the moon showers down and calls to the werewolves. I’ve looked and looked. Have I caught even a clue. Nope.

Nothing. Anywhere. Ever. But…I’m not giving up. After all, a full moon is on the rise!