I watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter last night. Didn’t really think I’d like it but I did! Surprisingly I liked it a lot. It made me think what it would be like if I lived my normal life and yet found myself in Abe’s shoes. If I was a vampire hunter:

**I would move with the speed and grace of a ninja.

**I would have cool weapons I actually knew how to use.

**I would be able to sense evil when it approaches.

**I would keep the world safe without anyone ever knowing.

**I would be one with the night…in a good way!

Yeah, if I was a vampire hunter, I would be so much cooler than the real me! Ha! As it is, I will have to be content with the less-cool me and be content to let my imagination soar in my stories. And you know what? That’s okay because inside my head, an awesome vampire hunter lives to fight another day…or rather night.