I will freely admit that I have an odd way of looking at things. Maybe it’s because I like my stories just a step off and thus all the vampires, werewolves, witches, and ghosts that show in my stories even when I’m trying NOT to write them! But I think it hit an all time high last week. Here’s what happened. I had a membrane attaching itself to one of my retinas and affecting my vision. I underwent eye surgery to repair before it caused serious damage to my retina. Of course, I was given some mighty powerful drugs since they were working on my eyeball. Then in the operating room, they cover my entire face with a protective sheet. If not for the drugs, I’d have probably had a panic attack.

As it turns out, not even a twinge of panic. In fact quite the opposite. With the one unaffected eye, the lights of the operating room came through the shield with an eerie glow that got my mind whirling with stories. If I was tense before, I calmed immediately and my brain, drugged as it was, began spinning tales. The doctor began to work on my affected eye. Sounds creepy and if I think about it too much…ewwwww. But strangely enough, I could see him work although it was only shapes and movement. It was quite frankly fascinating and only added to the wave of imagination happening. It seems the mind of a story-teller never rests even in an operating room. Goes to prove that stories can be hatched in the strangest places. Or at least in my head anyway! 🙂

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