In my book, Souls of Sorrow, the Watcher is a key character. I’ve been fascinated by the Watchers since I discovered them in the Bible’s Book of Enoch. Angels sent to earth to watch over humans, they ultimately fail in their mission and become the fallen ones. For their sins they are “kept in everlasting chains under darkness” until Judgement Day. When I found the Watchers, I knew these were bound to turn up in at least one book. Seriously, angels in darkness? Had my name written all over it. And so the Watcher came to be.

I thought when the Watcher became a part of Souls of Sorrow that he was a minor character. I was wrong. In fact I was very surprised when I had readers tell me how much they liked the him. If it had only been one reader, I’d have been flattered. Except it wasn’t just one, it was so many more. It’s times like this that make a writer happy. Something that had captured my imagination did the same for others. It’s a wonderful thing.

Recently I signed a contract for a three-book series called the Reluctant Psychic. After hearing of the upcoming series, a friend and reader asked me if by any chance the Watcher was going to be in these books? It made me smile…and think.

“You know,” I told her. “I think he just might.”