The summer has gotten away from me in a blaze of speed and flurry of crisis, work, and yes, even a fair amount of fun. I don’t know where it went nor did I realize how long  I’ve ignored this blog. My bad…

Fall is on the way and my favorite holiday creeping up. Oh yeah, you know where I’m going with this…Halloween! Usually my plan includes the Monster Dash a 5k run complete with costumes. Stepping it up this year and going for a half marathon called The Trail of Terror. Seriously, don’t you think it has my name written all over it? I did and signed right up. The deal sealer though wasn’t just the name it was that the aid stations will be manned by vampires, werewolves, zombies and the like. Got chills just thinking about it 🙂

In the meantime, however, it’s time to kick it in gear and get back to the business of the preternaturals. A vampire book to complete editing and finish up the first book in a new series featuring a reluctant psychic. Good times. Good times.

Adios summer. Buna zuia season of ghosts, witches, and all things that go bump in the night.