pullmanI was born in snow country and at five years old moved sixteen hundred miles away to yes, you guessed, more snow country where I still live. At this point in my life I’ll come right out and say it: I’M SICK OF SNOW!

It’s been a particularly brutal winter and each day when I get up and look out the window, I want to scream. What I want to see is not the endless shine of white but green grass and sunshine. I want to walk out the door and feel a warm breeze on my skin not the sting of near zero temps.

My frustration reached new heights when my search dog, Zoey, had to go to Washington State University for back surgery on the 1st of February. In Northeast Washington that is prime snow season and the highway into Pullman horrible. The drive down was slow and then when she had to stay, the drive back, grim. Four days later, she was doing so well, they were releasing her early. I woke up to…yes, you guessed it…another snow storm. My stomach was in knots thinking about the treacherous drive I was facing. But what choice did I have? I had to go get my girl.

With a deep breath and a four-wheel drive, I hit the road, praying I didn’t slide into a ditch, or worse. The universe was awesome that day, as if karma was paying me back for those times when I was kind and thoughtful. The snow stopped, the roads cleared, and the sun began to shine. As I made it to Pullman and back safely, I thought about silver linings. About how sometimes when it seems the darkest just beyond a light shines. About how sometimes what we hate the most might just be beautiful.