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October 2009

Snow snow go away

I hate it…I hate it…I hate it.  Kind of bad thing considering where I live.  Snow is just part of the deal.  At least I’ll get a bit of a respite when I head to San Antonio next month.  A little sunshine, a nice walk around the Riverwalk, and some great food.  Then the snow won’t seem quite so bad.


Bridge of Souls

BridgeofSouls_w852Ta Da…

At long last, BRIDGE OF SOULS, is here.  It’s great that it hits in October considering it is one of my favorite months with Halloween and all!  If you liek ghosts (and really–who doesn’t?), take a peek at this new romance.



By Sheri Lewis Wohl

Available from The Wild Rose Press,



At the door to her apartment, she stopped and turned to face him. “Thank you so much for everything.”

His eyes looked deep into hers and she was almost afraid he would see the blue behind the mask of brown. A tiny smile turned up the corners of his mouth. “No, thank you, Anna Koch, you have brought so much into my life these last few weeks.”

His hands came up to touch her face. His fingers caressed her cheeks, rough against her soft skin. The scent of his cologne wrapped around her. She didn’t move away. He leaned forward and his lips touched hers in a kiss that sent waves sliding down her back. “Goodnight, sweet Anna.”

She touched his cheek, the dark stubble stiff and warm against her fingertips. A sigh escaped as her tongue met his. Slowly, she drew away. Turning, Adrian opened the door and stepped inside. “Goodnight, Jason.”


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