It’s been a year of practicing gratitude and for the most part, that’s gone pretty well. It is a great way to see things around you in a different light. Even so, there are moments when gratitude goes right out the window. Where your faith in those around you is shattered. When all you want to do is scream.

For days now I’ve struggled for I put my trust in some I truly believed would do the right thing. They didn’t. The shock and disbelief was staggering. The anger intense. The hurt deep. So what to do? How to move past betrayal, the game of smoke and mirrors?

For me, it was a case of allowing myself the time to just simply feel bad. Pretending that all was right with my world doesn’t help anyone. Emotions need to be felt, both good and bad. Slowly, the intensity started to fade and I could hold onto those things that I am still so incredibly grateful for. Slowly, I took back control of the direction of my own life. The actions of others affected me but they did not derail me. Someone once said that by putting your trust in a person (or in this case persons) one of two things happen: 1-you make a friend for life, or 2-you gain a life lesson. By now I’m sure you realize I learned a life lesson.

Today, I chose light. I’m no longer angry or enraged or insulted. I will rise above. I will take the high road. I will shine brighter than ever and those who failed me will become a distant memory. I will be grateful that for this moment of deep despair there are a hundred moments of joy.